Approval Engineer

Reference No: WD-0007806

What's the role?

• Create technical data/performance information for anchor/cast-in channel products.
• Generate technical approvals according European/US test criteria.
• Work on Projects with Universities and Test labs.
• Contribute to develop leading anchor/cast-in channel products.

Who is Hilti?

In case you’re new to the industry, you might not have heard of us. We provide leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services for the global construction sector. We have a proud heritage, built over 75 years, and a worldwide reputation for pioneering products and first-rate service. With more than 29,000 people in more than 120 countries, we’re a great place for you to show us your worth as you learn, grow and carve out your career.

What does the role involve?

1. Understand the framework of European/US/Chinese codes and standards relating to anchor and cast-in products.

2. Knowledge of anchor/cast-in product, application and approval requirements.

3. Well understanding Hilti’s products from technical point of view rather than general function and application. Know the differentiation and advantage of Hilti’s products.

4. Understand the most updated development of the anchor products.

5. Responsibility for the technical data and approval of anchor systems in coordination with Marketing and Development.

6. Cooperation in interdisciplinary projects within the scope of product development as well as presentation of the results in project and control meetings.

7. Cooperation with international Hilti sites, suppliers, development partners, test and certification institutes.

8. Prepare background information and references for cooperative research projects and participate in international research cooperation supporting product and code development efforts through technical know-how and state-of-the-art technology.

9. Write academic/engineering articles and participate in national and international technical symposiums, seminars and other venues to influence the industry. Build and maintain strong lasting relationships with key code officials, industry leaders and key decision makers on an academic level as well on a personal level.

10. Keep updated to the most current international technical know-how and state-of-the-art technology by constantly developing own functional expertise in the relevant subject matters and participate in exchange program with A1 & HAG.

Our unique culture is why people stay at Hilti - and why it’s not unheard of to find two generations of the same family working with us.

What do we offer?

We’ll give you everything you need to excel in your role, including ongoing training and lots of responsibility from the start. In return for your exceptional performance and consistent results, you’ll receive one-to-one career mentoring, as well as exciting opportunities to broaden your role and potentially move around the business. This is the perfect place for a global career.

Why should you apply?

We have an excellent mix of people, which we believe makes for a more vibrant, more innovative, more productive team. So, if you’ve never worked in construction, that’s fine with us. Success at Hilti is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

What you need is:

  • Functional requirements:
  • 1. Engineering background in either Structural or Mechanical Engineering with master or higher level. Lab test research experience preferred.
  • 2. Good knowledge of mechanical or structural engineering, engineering mechanics and numerical analysis, knowledge of chemical material preferred.
  • 3. Experience in industrial product development preferred.
  • 4. Proficient in use of office desktop software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), finite element analysis software experience preferred.
  • Personality requirements:
  • 1. Able to understand and convey technical information internally both in English and in Chinese.
  • 2. Good technical report writing skills in both English and Chinese.
  • 3. Strong communication skills .
  • 4. Good hands-on ability.
  • 5. Good analytical and mediation skills.
  • 6. Likely to study and accept new conceptions and things.
  • 7. Good planning and self-management ability.
  • 8. Able to give and seek feedback to enable continuous growth (self and others).
  • 9. Likes to work in an international, multi-national environment, used to/ embracing Asian (particular Chinese) culture and environment and willingness to share this with Western colleagues with an understanding of why such sharing of cultural variances is important.